Who We Are?

HBS Investment Group makes investments in fundamentally strong, market leading real estate and companies. Our broad investment mandate allows us to look at diverse sectors that can benefit from our strong capital position. Our criteria is simple, we look for businesses with a compelling market position.

Our investors’ long track record of success is a result of our unique culture, which fosters transparency, collaboration and a disciplined investing approach.

What We Do?

We form long-term partnerships with companies tackling big problems in big industries… from healthcare to real estate to technology. In addition to capital, we invest time, talent, and experience to ensure every entrepreneur and company can continue to transform the world in their own, unique way.

We partner with exceptional management teams and combine a collaborative approach with sector-specific expertise, and focus on operational excellence and financing flexibility, to build exceptional businesses and deliver attractive returns. When we invest in a company we provide the capital needed to grow the firm and provide management the support they need to meet their goals.

Our Culture

At HBS, we are obsessed with culture.We foster a culture that values integrity, responsibility, courage and self-reflection. Through our commitment to our values and a passion for great results, we are a supportive and value-enhancing advisory and capital partner. Our ethos is to make it better than it was before — not just the way we run our business, but with everything we think, say and do. Ultimately, we believe there is no more important credential than the way one lives one’s life. Our values and ethos play a role in everything we do. At HBS, everyone is encouraged to be both assertive and open-minded in order to build their understanding and discover their best path. The types of open dialogue, and contrary and challenging thinking that are often discouraged elsewhere are expected at HBS Investment Group because they are the fuel for learning that helps us maximize our potential.It is through this unique culture that we have produced the meaningful work, deep relationships and a track record of success that those who work here and our partners have come to value.

Corporate Team

Nimish G Patel: Principal & CEO HBS Investment Group | Physician | Strategist

“Medicine is a profession where every dose of kindness administered is the most powerful prescription for health and humanity”

Dr. Nimish G. Patel is a highly accomplished physician renowned for his myriad of expertise at the intersection of business, technology, and healthcare. His diverse background, rooted in his family’s heritage in hospitality and entrepreneurship, provided the motivation for the establishment of HBS Investment Group—a nationally renowned organization known for its remarkable success. As an integral member of the HBS Investment Group, Dr. Patel contributes significantly to its strategic investment decisions. With dual degrees in Chemistry and Business Management from the University of Louisville, he has built a successful career that unites the worlds of science, entrepreneurship, and healthcare. His strong work ethic and commitment to service have propelled him to success in both the healthcare and hospitality sectors, making him a valuable asset in any endeavor. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Patel is an advisory board member for multiple profit and non-profit organizations, is an avid explorer with a passion for cultural diversity and the driving force behind the One & A Quarter movement, a Kentucky-based initiative dedicated to promoting kindness, empathy, and holistic wellness on a global scale. His vision is to leave an enduring mark on human behavior and interactions by emphasizing the paramount importance of kindness in all aspects of life.

Girish B Patel: Principal HBS Investment Group | perpetual Developer

Girish Patel has a track record history of high performance and sustainable, profitable growth in real estate. Girish started in the real estate industry in the early 1980s when he acquired his first real estate and started in the business. Girish has helped HBS transact well over hundred million dollars in commercial real estate across the nation and achieve their results. He has done this with operating with a long term vision instead of compromising those values for short term gains. As HBS continuously works toward their vision to become the most desired and highly valued developer, owner and manager of leading urban and suburban companies in the United States, Girish has always thought about building a company that will last forever with success that enables everyone to win. Trust, loyalty, and excellence are the drivers of their success. Girish is happily married with his wife and on his past time,  loves to watch basketball, football, travel the world and play with his new grandkids.